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An individual may decide to make use of knee braces and supports for a variety of reasons. Regardless of why a device of this type is desired, the person needs to understand the various types of braces and supports and the purposes of each type before making a purchase. Furthermore, the individual should undergo a complete medical exam to identify any problems with the knee and determine the underlying cause. For those individuals who have a knee injury that is either permanent or serious, a brace may be needed at all times also.

Why a Functional Brace?

A functional brace is designed to allow free movement of the knee while facilitating the healing process. They are intended for those who have a knee injury and are still in the recovery process. When a ligament in the knee sustains an injury, the pain is often serious and some discomfort may linger as the knee heals. This is due to the ligament reconstruction that takes place during the surgery. The brace works to provide an additional level of support for the knee as it heals and ensures the ligaments that are not completely healed do not suffer any additional injuries.

Mueller braces and supports

When Should This Type of Brace Be Worn?

People should not wear this type of brace until a medical professional recommends they do so. He or she will examine the knee, making use of their knowledge of anatomy, and determine if this is the right choice. If this is not the right type of brace for the problem being experienced, then more harm could be done to the knee which is why this step should not be overlooked. Furthermore, the doctor will make recommendations as to when the brace should be worn. For some, the brace may only be needed when the person is participating in sports. Others, however, may need to wear their brace when performing certain activities. The doctor helps to determine this.

What many people don't realize is the functional knee brace may also be of benefit to any person who is regularly active. The knee sustains a lot of wear and tear during a normal day, and the brace can be of help in protecting the joint. A doctor can determine if it will be of benefit to the person. If he or she does make this conclusion, visit Mueller braces and supports to see the selection available. Thanks to the wide range of sizes available, every person will be able to find a brace or support that meets their needs.


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